Dating Profile Photos: Everything You Need To Know

Dating Profile Photos: Everything You Need To Know

Cue the glitter cannons…. we’re Hey Saturday, the world’s leading dating photos agency, and back in 2013, we created the genre of dating photography.

Dating profile photos needs to do three main things:

-Make you look good
-Make you stand out from the crowd online
-Show your personality

Estimates show that by 2020, the global dating market could grow to £9.5 billion, with 310 million people expected to be actively using an online dating platform – that’s a heck of a lot of couples meeting online. But back in 2013, when brands like Tinder were only in their infancy, there was no one specialising in photography for online dating – in fact it hadn’t even been dreamt of yet.

Hey Saturday founder Saskia Nelson spotted the abject lack of good quality photos on dating apps and decided to create a niche photography business specialising in cool profile photos for online daters. Saskia started Hey Saturday and the genre of dating photography was born.

“My marketing experience combined with my 8 years of online dating enabled me to picture a world where people could showcase themselves online using high quality, strong, colourful images that showed them at their first-date best. I realised that if people wanted to have an impact online and stand out from all the 1,000s of people online dating, this would be the quickest, smartest and most authentic way to do that.”

The Need for Dating Profile Photos

The need for dating profile photos

Before Hey Saturday came along, the vast majority of photos used on dating apps were not specifically taken for the purpose of dating. People were using holiday snaps, wedding photos, work photos, drunken party snaps and smartphone selfies on dating apps. Online daters were using very bad and very old – to the point of deceptive – photos on their dating profiles.

Saskia Nelson has been credited by Time magazine and world renowned photographer Martin Parr with creating the genre of dating photography and she is recognised as the leading industry expert in the UK, Europe & US on all things dating photography related.

Since 2013 her dating photography agency Hey Saturday has worked with over 3,500 single people helping them to create a stand out set of portrait photos for their dating profiles enabling them to get out there and reclaim their dating life.

The Dating Profile Photos Generation

The dating profile photos generation

Fast forward a few years and online daters now expect more from their potential partners and know that mirror selfies or dating photos with exes cropped out just aren’t good enough. Millennials – the visual generation – want to see a true likeness of who they are going on a date with. And this means good quality photos taken specifically for dating. In a recent survey*, women told us everything they dislike about men’s profile photos. It revealed that 77% of women are put off by the profile photos that men put up on dating apps and websites. Poor quality dating photos which are blurred, out of focus, poorly lit or too far away are a big turn off for 70% of women. 74% of women are put off by drunken party snaps and 78% of women find mirror, gym and bathroom selfies really unattractive. Head here to read more on our dating profile photo survey results and what they mean for your dating profile.

When people use good images of themselves online they start seeing loads more interest in their dating profiles. And official research now backs this up. To stand a better chance of meeting a partner online, daters need dating photography which is authentic and showcases their personal brand.

Relaxed, natural profile photos

Dating photography is all about creating relaxed, happy photos that show you at your natural best. For this reason, they are not formal or taken in a studio setting. It is off-putting to potential partners to feel that you’ve tried too hard, so dating photos mustn’t give the suggestion that you need professional help. Instead, dating photographs should have the ethos of you hanging out with a friend who happens to be passionate about photography. To create this natural, relaxed vibe, dating photography takes place outside, where the lighting is flattering and natural and doesn’t look staged or false.

Examples of good dating profile photos

personality online dating

Los Angeles Dating Profile Pictures

best online dating profile photos

best dating profile photographers

Best Dating Profile Photos

If you want some more examples, check out our portfolio here, head to our Hey Saturday Instagram feed here or read our article on what makes a great dating photo.

Your Dating Profile Photographer

Your dating profile photographer

A dating photographer is not just your average portrait photographer, but someone who understands online dating and can instantly make a connection with every client, helping them to relax and show their true selves. Dating photography is not about creating formal poses like a regular portrait photographer – it’s about creating accidental laughter and natural action shots. Hey Saturday are the experts on what makes a good dating photographer – we have put together a dream team of X dating photographers in the UK and the US, all of whom have been trained in the art of dating photography by Saskia Nelson. We shared a post about this, so make sure you check out ‘What makes a good dating photographer?

Your dating photo shoot

A dating photo shoot is not like a usual portrait photography session, which often takes place in a studio or in one fixed location. To get the most natural, relaxed and unposed photos, a dating photo shoot is more like a chilled out adventure. Ahead of the dating shoot, the dating photographer will have put some time into finding out about their client’s personality. They can then create a shoot that will work to bring out the best in that person. The dating photographer and their client will take a wander around a neighbourhood that suits, stopping at plenty of eye catching, colourful backdrops along the way. The aim is that it’s not formal or rigid in any way, but more like hanging out with a mate and taking some cool photos.

There are some things you can do to prepare for your dating shoot to make sure you get the most from it. It’s worth taking some time to plan so that you get the dating photos you want and are totally happy with the outcome. Check out our posts How can I make my dating shoot go well?and ‘What should I wear for my dating photo shoot?’

Your dating profile photos

In online dating, you have seconds to make an impact. It’s been proven that better photos get more likes and right swipes. If you’ve only got 30 seconds to spare and want the ultra top line dating photo do’s and don’ts, they are:

  • Include at least one well lit headshot of you smiling.
  • Avoid group photos
  • Avoid photos with another person cropped out
  • Make sure your eyes are clearly visible (not covered with sunglasses or ski goggles)
  • Show your personality

This is the tip of the iceberg on this subject and there is now a wealth of knowledge, experience, facts, figures and helpful do’s and don’ts about what makes a good dating profile picture. If you want to know more, sign up for our free eBook in the box below.

Check out our definitive guide to which pictures you should choose for your online dating profile. Looking good in your dating photos is not just about which pics you choose or the outfits you wear, as we reveal in our posts How can I look good in my dating profile picture? and 10 ways to create a dating profile that makes people say ‘oh heck yes

Dating Profile Photos Everything You Need to Know

Self love in dating

Mindset is a crucial part of successful dating. Everyone is aware of the adage that no one else can love us until we love ourselves. In our digital, visual world, a huge amount of worth is placed on image and everyone is busy comparing their life with everyone else’s through apps like Instagram. So that old adage remains truer and more relevant than ever.

Rates of anxiety and depression have increased 70% in the past 25 years and social media is linked with increased rates of anxiety, depression and poor sleep***. Dating is a part of our digital life and so when using dating apps we need to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing above all else, as this recent BBC news video shows. That’s where self love comes in. In order to protect our wellbeing and make sure dating always remains fun, we need to develop an attitude of gratitude, where we constantly remind ourselves of all the things we love about ourselves and our lives. We need to be ok with being different and embrace our flaws and quirks.

Mastering the art of self love affects dating in positive, tangible ways. For example, if you love yourself it makes you appear more attractive to others. If you see yourself as attractive, it comes across in everything from your dating photos to your social interactions and your dates can pick up on it. Likewise, if you don’t believe you’re attractive, your dates will pick up on that too.

Successful dating photos that are full of self love:

  • are authentic
  • show your quirks
  • are natural and unstaged
  • are not over-edited

We talk more about self love in dating photography in our posts ‘9 habits of happy online daters’, ‘6 kick-ass ways to be your own dating cheerleader’ and ‘10 ways to spot genuine people when you’re online dating’.

Dating Profile Photos Everything You Need to Know

Personality in online dating

The key to creating relaxed, happy dating photos is to show as much as you can of your personality. If you can be yourself in your dating photo shoot and let your personality shine, your photos will be the better for it. But there’s more to it than that. It’ll help you attract people to your dating profile in fundamental ways.

To want to date you, people need to feel that your lifestyle matches theirs; they need to feel that you’ll have lots in common, otherwise they’ll move on to the next dating profile. This means people need to be able to envisage dating you. You can help this process by giving as many clues as you can about your personality and the kind of person you are.

To do this you need to tell a story with your dating profile photos. It’ll make for compelling images and a dating profile that stands out. You can do this using the following techniques:

  • Colour
  • Props
  • Clothes
  • Setting

Check out our post ‘Why showcasing personality in your online dating profile matters’ to read more on this topic.

Dating Profile Photos Hey Saturday

Personal branding in dating photography

You can take personality a step further by developing a personal brand for your dating. This means creating a strong image and thinking about what your ‘USP’ is, so it’s clear what your vibe is straight away from your dating profile pictures. In a good personal brand, people will get a strong sense of what sort of person you are. Think of your dating photos in the same way as a brand logo. Make sure you’re telling a consistent visual story.

A good way to establish your personal brand is to brainstorm some ideas about what story you want to tell. For example, if you’re a nature lover who is always out in the great outdoors, think about how you can tell that story visually to create a strong brand. You’ll want to think about everything from natural colours of green, gold and brown, to the clothes you’re wearing and props you’re holding.

We go into much more detail in our posts ‘How to perfect your personal brand in online dating’ and and ‘Our pro tips for expressing your personal brand in your dating profile photos’.

If you want to know more, sign up for our free eBook in the box below.


*Markets Insider, October 2018

**A study carried out by Hey Saturday and dating expert Jo Hemmings among 100 25 to 55 plus year old women.

*** Study by Royal Society for Public Health, 2017.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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I was invited on @unhingedandbumbledup podcast the other day & it was probably the most fun I’ve had recording a podcast.

Ahead of the show, I had to give them both a dating photo challenge and they presented the photos they created to me during the show.

Tune into to see who does it better, Phil or Jane. It was a super close competition to be honest… but there was a clear winner 👏🏽👏🏽

I also shared

• What makes an awesome dating profile pic
• Why good photos are so important
• My 4 top favourite date spots around the globe (I just couldn’t choose one) and much more…

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Thanks for having me Phil & Jane 🙏🏽

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…how would you show up?

I get a lot of emails from clients asking how and where they can do their photoshoots without many people seeing them. Ummm ….

To be fair, it’d probably be my first question too, if I were in their shoes. I’m not exactly known for being a natural badass in front of the lens (there’s a reason I prefer being behind it!).

But, thing is, those people really don’t care about what’s happening in your photoshoot. And why would you concern yourself worrying about what people - you don’t even know - think about you for 30 seconds?

Fear makes no sense, even after you unpick it and challenge it. It’s still there. Being fearless is actually really hard… however you could try this… choose to ‘act as if’ you’re fearless! Yeah, how would that look? How would you show up then? Really think about how you would approach it. And then, just as an experiment, do that.

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+ The Ex-Philes Podcast +

I had the pleasure of being invited onto an episode of the dating podcast, ’The Ex-Philes: Break-ups, Broken Hearts and Moving On’ recently & was interviewed by the two awesome hosts, Clair Lofthouse & Janice Formichella.

Thank you so much to both of you, I really enjoyed connecting & sharing my top dating profile picture expertise with you.

If you are getting over a breakup? I would highly recommend tuning in & subscribing.

Ex-Philes is a weekly podcast all about healing a broken heart, building your confidence, and moving forward in an empowered way.

Their favorite topics include healing from heartbreak, dating, ghosting, no contact, toxic relationships, communication, self-help, attachment styles and more.

Thanks Janice & Clair 🙏🏽

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Dating profiles have the potential to be intriguing; they can be a window into someone’s mind, revealing their unique way of looking at & thinking about the world.

Make sure you grab that opportunity to show people what you’re about & what you’re made of 🔥🔥

And remember, your profile pics are the most powerful way to share a lot of information about you at just a glance.

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+ Sound on for dating photo tips & good times +

Huge shout out to the legend that is James Preece, the UK dating coach king. Thank you for having me on your show, @jamespreececoach. I had a great time sharing my top dating photo tips with you, which I’m pretty sure you can tell when you listen in.

Have you subscribed to the Love Machine Podcast yet?

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You know what I love doing when I have a few moments to myself? … I love navigating to our Story highlights & scrolling through ‘Our Pics’. It gives me a legal, natural high every time.

The colour, the personalities, the vibes, the diverse life styles, the passions, the people… so much dating photoshoot awesomeness in one hit 🙌🏽✨🤩

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53 3

We need to talk about ‘talking point’ pics. Talking point pics are the ones that make people stop and do a double take, go back for another look and, yeah, slide into your messages because they need to know more.

Maybe you’re practicing tai chi, playing a ukulele, creating a stunning art piece on your iPad, doing a headstand yoga pose in the street or wrapping your hands ready for boxing (all shots we’ve taken, that have made me go back for another look 👀 check our Stories today!). Shots like these are so compelling.

Look, 5-6 photos at any one time on your dating app profile is optimum. Too few, people think you’re hiding something, too many & it’s game over as you give them too much to find fault with.

So you’ve got just 5-6 opportunities to
+ make an emotional impact
+ visually tell your story
+ and… also, importantly, intrigue people enough to reach out and ask you something or connect with you about something they see 👀

// Each one of your dating profile photos needs to bring something to the party //

So take a moment to check out your profile pics now. Which one is your ‘talking point’ pic? Answers on a postcard or in the comments, I really want to know…

And a big shout out goes out to the client I’ve been chatting with this week who’s booked Dumbo. You know who you are. You have so many exciting ideas for your shoot, I think you’re going to have a few ‘talking point’ pics to choose from 🙌🏽 And I’m so glad our Insta feed has helped you prep for your shoot. That makes me very happy.

*Tai chi photo: Kate for Hey Saturday, London

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60 5

New here? Come in, look around, stay awhile. We're creating our own brand of dating photo magic, right here. J'adoring these shots taken in Shoreditch by our London photographer, Nicole.

Photo credit: Nicole for Hey Saturday, London

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41 10

The only mantra you’ll ever need before your dating photoshoot
+ Be bold, kill boring, do ‘you’, stand out +

#onlinedatingphotographer #singlelady #singlewomen #singlemen #singleandreadytomingle #singleandsearching #singlelifestyle #singleandhappy #modernlove #mindset #loveyourself
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54 9

The more self-work you do now, the more amazing your next relationship will be.

It’ll be so worth it 🔥

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Do your dating profile pics look the same as everyone else’s? You’re pretty sure you’ve read the right blog posts and followed all the steps but actually your photos still aren’t making people walk straight into lamp posts or miss their stop on the last bus home.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes at the end of a long day, I just crave seeing something that makes me smile, makes me feel good, you know… that ‘happy to be alive’ kind of good.

Picture it… you’ve just been on a rubbish date and are feeling disillusioned on the bus home so you decide to jump back on the app to line up another one before you lose the will.

Now imagine, at this point, you spot a profile pic that fills you with joy. There’s just something about it that makes you smile or makes you feel excited or just glad to be alive again.

Now that… that’s the exact profile, you’re immediately going to swipe right on… damn!

Nothing else matters in that moment. You want more of whoever can make you feel that good in that moment.

But how can you create dating pictures like this? The best way to create photos like that is to actually ‘feel this way’ when you’re making the picture. Bring this energy and vibe to the photoshoot. Bring props that will make you feel happy or relive happy moments during the shoot. Do things, hold things, wear things, go places that make you feel that kind of happy… and it will translate into your profile pictures.

It’s so important to figure out what you’re into and what makes you feel good before your photoshoot and before dating so that you show up and attract more of this energy into your life.

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36 1

Great online dating photographers are focused on human experience, rather than the size of our lenses.

Yeah… I’d go as far to say, we view our photoshoots as an emotional journey with a physical output more than anything else.

We want to help you let people in and get a better sense of who you are… the real you, of course, (in reply to a comment I got yesterday), if your photos are going to be meaningful, in any way.

When you can bring your whole self to the shoot, it’s kind of magic, really. When you can craft images that tell stories about who you are, it’s powerful and empowering, because when stories are told, meaning is made.

#selfacceptance #datingphotographer #onlinedatingtips #onlinedatingphotographer #onlinedatingphotos #profilepictures #profilepics #datingapps #tinderphotographer #datingphotoshoot #datingphototips #datingphotographer #datingphotography #datingphotographerlosangeles #datingphotographerlondon #mindset #visualstorytelling #storytelling

58 12

How you show up for your profile pictures matters. The energy you show up with for your photoshoot, is the same energy that online daters can see and feel when they look at your profile pictures.

And yes, you can absolutely see and feel energy in pictures. You can see if someone is happy, dejected or confident, for example.

Confidence is energy. It’s not a ‘trait’ that you either are or aren’t, it’s a state. Like happiness, sadness & joy, it’s an energy you can tap into.

To create the most attractive and magnetic profile pictures, tap into the energy you want to see in your photos.

But how?

Get excited about how these profile pictures are going to open up doors, connect you to all kinds of interesting people, potentially lead to something so good, it’s life-changing.

Harness these positive kind of thoughts and embody them through your breathing, through smiling and laughing, through your body language. You know how smiling makes you feel happy and standing in a power pose makes you feel more confident? Yes 🙌🏽 that.

Your body language in your pictures communicates a lot about your energy and vibe.

Include things you really love in your photoshoot. You might wear something you love, go somewhere you love, hold something you love or, even better, get in flow and do something you love.

Including things that spark joy will impact your body language and your whole vibe.

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Hey go-getters, thrill-seekers, online daters... have you checked out the podcast Dates & Mates yet? If you’re single and craving connection in a digitally-driven world, then head to Apple podcasts and hit subscribe.

This show is seriously guaranteed to give you more fun than your ex. And boy, what a show. The host Damona Hoffman, already one of the coolest humans on the planet, is now also the Official Love Expert of the Drew Barrymore Show ✨ as well an advice columnist for The Washington Post & much more.

I’ll admit I was a bit of a hot mess as a guest on her show but it was ace to be included on her latest episode. I share how to do online dating photos right and magnetise the best matches to you.

And don’t forget to hit subscribe, there are soooo many good episodes you’re going to wanna work your way through.

#podcast #datesandmates
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67 3

You are as hot as you think you are.

I love this.

When I was told this, back when I was online dating, I have to say it was a bit of a game changer. Your first instinct is to think, ‘Wait, what?’.

But then I thought back to people I’d met in my (very) long and varied dating life... and how my first impressions of their attractiveness could wildly change as soon as I started engaging with them.

That’s because I was seeing them as they see themselves.

Self-love levels the playing field. You don’t have to be the hottest person in the room to be the hottest person in the room... you just have to THINK you are.

Wow, I love that. It means being attractive, magnetic, desired is within all of us. We just gotta dig deep and love ourselves. No way round it.

Your vibe reflects the way you see yourself and cues others to respond accordingly.

I’m just getting into the Law of Attraction and figuring out how to raise my vibrations, which builds on this. And it’s so relevant to dating, I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna be sharing my learnings on here soon.

Anyone got any recommendations of people I can follow who are talking about vibrating higher? Please share 🙏🏽

I’m ready to vibe higher. Are you?

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