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We get some great feedback from our clients, which makes us very happy. Here are some quotes taken straight from emails that we’ve received from some of our clients. *Please note one or two names may have been changed to protect the innocent, but trust us… all the quotes are 100% real.

Thanks for the photos, chose a couple & put them on my dating profile & it has already made a massive difference in a few days.

Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

– Ollie

Wow, these photos are just fab. They are just the kind of thing I was looking for; professional but still natural. You really have a unique approach, you were pitch perfect with these. I want to do it again!

Thank you

– Toni

I have a complaint – too much online dating activity to manage! Views/emails much have increased at least five-fold from an early estimation.

Thanks again

– Paul

A month ago I went on my very first date & I still can’t quite believe I’m saying this but there was an immediate connection. It’s very early days but he’s a lovely man & I can only hope it lasts. I’m actually over his age limit but he was scanning & something about your photos of me made him look again & message me. I thought you’d like to know that your photos may have made all the difference.

– Katy

I am absolutely loving the entire online dating experience now. I have no doubt that the photos played the biggest part in me doing so well. Every person that has seen them (both dates & friends) has said that the image of me in the blue coat is like something out of GQ magazine.

– Nilesh

Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day & you really put me at my ease in front of the camera. Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.

– Beccy

Just thought I would give you some instant feedback on how good and awesome Polly & Hey Saturday are! So I downloaded my chosen photos around 10:30am yesterday - just over 24 hours ago. With my old photos I would be lucky to get 1 or maybe at a stretch 2 matches a week on Bumble & Match, but in the last 24 hours I have had close to 20 and they are all really decent matches too, all my type and top drawer!!

Anyway just wanted to say great job and fantastic service, everyone should have this done - what a difference a day makes!! I will definitely be recommending you to all my single friends!!

– Ian

dating profile photos

Wowwwwwwww! Kate and Saskia thank you so much for my fantastic photos. Kate you made me feel really comfortable on the day, putting up with all my crazy props from pineapples on my head to belly dancing attire! And you got what I was looking for - a fantastic mix of full body shot, medium and close up shots. I would give you another hug if I could. I had a hard time choosing my best 10 but I've finally chosen the ones I like best. It's been absolutely worth the wait. Thanks again.

– Beth

best dating photos

I was actually just thinking about you as it was 2 years ago since our Hey Saturday photo shoot... the photos were fabulous, and I have had a wonderful journey since then. I used the photos on the Guardian Soulmates website (I think you recommended it). The dating was great, and eventually I met a fabulous lady (who is an ex model herself). We are truly in love and so very happy, we have literally just got engaged and told our children tonight... they are all very excited and are planning the big day for next year.

The photos and the dating has really been a success story for me, so my sincere thanks for helping me on my way.

I'm hoping all is good with you and that your business is going well.. I often promote your services to my single friends!

– David

And here's what the relationship & dating experts are saying about us

best dating profile photos

Charreah Jackson, international life, relationship coach & lifestyle & relationship editor at Essence magazine

“It was a dream to be photographed by Saskia! I arrived from New York with my fingers crossed that she would take me as a client. In about an hour she had walked me around South Bank and found the perfect spots for gorgeous shots. She brought out my best self and her pictures are my favorite images of me. Do yourself a favour and get a session with Saskia’s team!”

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Caroline Brealey, award-winning matchmaker, relationship expert & founder of Mutual Attraction

"Whatever form of dating online (or matchmaking) that you’re doing, your profile is exactly the same – it’s all about selling yourself. The hardest part? Getting your smile, personality and character across in a photo. Led by the awesome Saskia Nelson and her team of photographers at Hey Saturday, they are the UK's dedicated dating photography service that is transforming how you look online."

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Demetrius Figueroa, Founder, editor & writer at A Mighty Love, NYC

"There’s a reason I’m smiling in so many of these photos and it’s because Saskia does an incredible job at making people, especially someone like me who is very awkward when taking photos, feel at ease. I feel like even saying that is an understatement... Saskia genuinely has a gift at not only photography, but making people comfortable. I went from nervous fidgeting to confident posing at the drop of a hat. None of those smiles were forced, I was genuinely having a good time. That ease made me comfortable, made me feel confident, and I think it shows in my photos.

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Laura Yates, relationship coach, writer, creator & entrepreneur

"I can’t recommend Saskia and her team at Hey Saturday highly enough and given that she’s been featured on the BBC, the Evening Standard, the Telegraph etc and won awards at The Dating Awards, it’s not only me who thinks so!"

cool dating profile photos

Mary Lane, Founder of the US blog, New York Cliche

"The Hey Saturday team of Saskia and Audra not only made me feel comfortable and at ease but hot as shit. Breathtakingly gorgeous, frightfully interesting, charming and clever. They fully embraced me and my unique personality, effortlessly and in such a genuine way. Another reason these photos are great, they really got me thinking, Ya know, I am awesome! Who wouldn’t want to date me!?..."

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Charly Lester, entrepreneur, journalist & dating industry expert

“To anyone who isn’t that happy with their dating profile photos, I really couldn’t recommend Saskia and her team more. Even the most camera-shy of dater would feel comfortable around the Hey Saturday team. They have so much experience with nervous clients, that they’ll put you at ease immediately.”


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