9 Positive Things to Do Instead of Moaning about Online Dating

9 Positive Things to Do Instead of Moaning about Online Dating

Come on lovely people, you’re not going to find the love of your life if you’re heading out on dates with ‘I hate online dating’ running through your head like a breaking news ticker tape. Does this sound like you? Don’t let online dating get you down – it should be fun and exciting. Here’s our photographer, Lauren’s, quick-fire list of dating tips which will help to relight your dating fire.

Get new dating profile photos

If you’ve got the same set of pics you were using a year ago and still haven’t met someone special, it could be time to overhaul your dating image. Invest in some professional quality dating photos that show off your best self and watch your hit-rate soar…. *hello Hey Saturday

Plan your outfits

Once you’ve decided to get help with your dating profile photos, choose some kick ass outfits to wear on your shoot, just as you would on your dates. You’ll nail it with your hot new look. Blocks of contrasting colours look great in photos, so be bold and reach for those blues and reds.

Start a new hobby

Just bite the bullet and sign up for that dance class, photography course or book club you’re always talking about. Not only will you feel happier and more fulfilled, you’ll meet a bunch of new people and you’ll have plenty of interesting stuff to talk about on your next round of dates.

best dating profile photos

Photo credit: Rowan for Hey Saturday

Rewrite your dating profile

Inject new life into your profile by scrapping everything you’ve written and starting again. Talk to some friends to find out what they’d say about you, and if you’re really not good at selling yourself you can even turn to our very own Rebecca Perkins of Irresistible Dating, who will help you create something really cool.

De-clutter your space

How can you expect to have a clear head for meeting exciting new people if you feel bogged down by clutter? Have a mass clear out and you’ll be amazed how a calm and peaceful space will de-clutter your mind and make you feel more energised.

Pamper yourself

It sounds obvious – if you feel better about yourself, it’ll come across in your dating photos and on dates. Get a new haircut, get a manicure, get your roots done. It’ll be so worth the effort the next time you step out on a date feeling hot to trot.

Help a friend

We all have a single friend who needs a bit of help with dating. Help them write their dating profile, help choose their outfits and be on the end of the phone. You’ll feel really good about yourself and you might find some inspiration for your own dating life.

Create a dating playlist

Whether it’s striking a pose like Madonna, or strutting your stuff like Ziggy Stardust, head to a streaming site like Spotify and create a playlist that’s sure to make you feel on top of the world. Then play it as you’re getting ready for dates. Simples!

best dating profile photos

Photo credit: Rowan for Hey Saturday

Ask them out

If you’ve tried all of our tips and still feel at a loss with online dating, then you’d better take the bull by the horns and ask out that person in your life you’ve got the hots for. But hey, if it’s your boss, then we suggest starting again at tip number one…

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