4 habits to embrace to become a confident dater

Confidence is probably the biggest thing you need, if you’re going to totally nail online dating. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s difficult, right? Even the most outgoing amongst us sometimes get the heebies jeebies about meeting someone new. We’re only human. Here are top tips from our photographer and blogger, Lauren, to make it that bit easier.

Keep your dating profile fresh

If your dating profile sparkles with energy and life, chances are that’s exactly the vibe you’ll be rocking when you head out on dates. Equally, a stale profile can mean you end up having uninspiring, lacklustre dates. Confident daters are regularly refreshing their profiles with brand new dating photos and all their latest passions and hobbies. Your dating profile should be smokin’ hot, just like you!

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Be true to yourself

If you’re tailoring the content of your dating profile or hiding certain things because you think the real you will be off putting, you’re not being a strong, confident dater. Confidence comes when you can be who you are and proud of it. So if you love Lindy Hop dancing, knitting, skateboarding, tai chi – own it! If you meet someone who likes you for who you really are, the relationship stands much more chance of success anyway.

Be open minded

In the same way you expect someone to be respectful of your interests, make sure you embrace hobbies and passions that are new to you. Don’t write someone off because they dig a load of bands you’ve never heard of. Being inquisitive and open minded could open up a whole new world for you. If you have a very narrow vision of your perfect person you’re really limiting your chance of success. Have the confidence to explore something new!

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Live your personal brand

If you really want to exude confidence when it comes to online dating, you need to start seeing yourself as a brand. Everything about your dating life should be authentic, consistent and shout quality. Your dating photos, your outfits and your conversation should all be in keeping with ‘brand you’. As an example, if you turn up to a date looking nothing like your photos and start talking about your passion for football when this doesn’t feature anywhere on your dating profile, it means your personal brand needs some work.


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