The 7 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People you Meet When Online Dating

The 7 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People you Meet When Online Dating

What is it that makes people irresistible in dating? You know, the people who really sparkle, whose company you really enjoy and who you leave you feeling good about yourself, whether or not your date leads to full blown romance? Our fab photographer and social media expert, Lauren, takes a look at some of their common characteristics.

They’re assertive

Ever been on a date and something goes wrong – perhaps the restaurant has made a mistake with the booking or they bring the wrong food order? Your ridiculously likeable date will be the one who can sort it calmly, effortlessly and with good humour. The most likeable people can state their thoughts and opinions clearly, whilst still being respectful of yours.

They’re always polite

Even if you meet someone and there’s no spark, it doesn’t take much to move on with courtesy and without hurting anyone’s feelings. Those likeable people you meet are always kind and polite on dates and always take the time to write you a short note afterwards thanking you and letting you know either way about whether they would like a second date. Ignoring someone after a date is just not cool.

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Photo credit: Hey Saturday photos by Saskia Nelson for My Single Friend

They ask about you

There’s nothing more annoying than going on a date and spending the entire time listening to the other person talk, without being asked a single thing about yourself. Likeable people are the ones who ensure it’s a two way conversation; that you spend as much time talking about your interests as they do. They aren’t there just to brag about their great job/flat/last holiday.

They listen

Just as irritating are the people who sit with a glazed look in their eyes while you talk. You can tell they’re not really listening, just waiting for you to stop so they can carry on talking about themselves. As well as asking questions about you, ridiculously likeable people genuinely listen to your answers. They take a real interest in finding out about you and what makes you tick, even if it’s not going to lead to romance.

They’re honest

You don’t need to be upfront about everything when you first meet someone – some things are best left to discovering as your relationship develops, but there are certain things you really should be honest about from the start. Any major life circumstances, or things that might affect how a relationship progresses, should be out in the open pretty quickly. The most likeable people are the ones who openly share this information.

best dating profile photos

Photo credit: Hey Saturday photos by Saskia Nelson for My Single Friend

They’re genuine

We tend to be drawn towards people who are comfortable in themselves and not trying to be anyone else. The most likeable people you meet have dating profiles and dating photos which tell you plenty about them and don’t hide their true passions in life. Authenticity in dating is likeable – no one wants to get to know a fraud.

They have their own personal brand

The most ridiculously likeable people you meet on dates are living a personal brand which runs through every element of their dating life, including their dating profile, their profile photos and even their outfits. For example, if their dating photos have a sporty, casual look that’s what their first date outfit will be like too.

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