Six cool reasons you should check out new dating app CLiKD

Six cool reasons you should check out new dating app CLiKD

It’s for creatives

With its stylish design and clever use of photography, CLiKD is an app aimed at creative types like us here at Hey Saturday. Chances are if you’re a creative too, you want to meet someone like minded who can share your passions in life. We think this app could be up your alley if you’re into photography and strong visuals and you want more than just a run of the mill dating experience.


It’s about more than just a swipe

There’s definitely a place for the fast dating culture which relies on instant attraction and split second decisions, and if that’s your bag, great – there are plenty of apps catering for you. But if you want something that works on a slightly deeper level, you might want to give CLiKD a try. It has more emphasis on personality and asks you to discover the person behind the photo.

It uses photography in a cool way

Hey, as a photography agency, of course we love the way CLiKD lets you use photography to find a match. That is one of the things that really makes this app stand out from the others. It uses a simple, creative, photo-based personality test where you decide what’s important to you, and you only connect with someone if you pass each other’s tests. So when you’ve ‘clickd’ with someone it’s because you share some common ground.

Fakers need not apply

This is a good one for the safety conscious – CLiKD requires all its users to log in through a Facebook account that has been active for over a year and has over 50 friends, which helps to weed out potential fake accounts and scammers. This could be slightly annoying if you have quit Facebook for genuine reasons, but the majority of people still have an account. It saves you worrying about whether someone you’re chatting to is a real person or an imposter.

It celebrates individuality

CLiKD lets you decide what you want to look for in a match – the questions you set in your personality test can be whatever you want. This is different from other dating apps with a ‘quiz’ element to them, where mostly you choose from a set of pre-set questions and answers. CLiKD has even more scope for creativity and enables you to show more of your personality. And what’s more if you’re feeling truly creative you can take two photos and send them to CLiKD and if they make the grade they will feature them on the App.

It’s free!

We don’t know if this will be the case forever, but right now the app is available here on Apple and Android stores and is completely free to download and use. There are charges for some premium features, but considering many dating apps come with a pretty hefty monthly price tag, this gets the thumbs up from us.

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