Introducing Rowan

Introducing Rowan

Introducing Rowan

As the business expands, I’m gradually taking on more photographers and showing them the art of dating photography, the new genre of photography that I’ve kickstarted.  Rowan is another photographer who rocks my world! Predominantly a family and wedding photographer, Rowan is our northern based photographer and has been with the team since September 2015. I love Rowan’s work. She’s a natural. She quickly demonstrated a savvy understanding of everything the Hey Saturday brand stands for; everything from how to make clients feel good to creating awesome, stand-out photos. All our clients absolutely love working with her and the final photos are simply gorgeous. Read on to find out what makes her tick…


What do you love about working for Hey Saturday?

It’s great to meet lots of different people, getting to know them and to create images for them. I am also online dating, so it’s nice to swap tips.

Where would you love to do a shoot in the UK, if you could choose, and why?

I love architecture and have a growing interest in the Brutalist style. I would love to explore the private resident areas of The Barbican and take portraits inside the conservatory.

Before living in London I lived in Sheffield. It holds a special place in my heart so it would be great to take photos up there. There’s a lot of variation to the scenery; city parks, industrial urban areas, modern developments, the Peak District, classic Victorian architecture on tree lined streets. There’s lots to chose from.

You are brilliant at making clients feel relaxed, how do you do that?

I think it’s really important to know what makes people tick, and for them to know about me. Most people can use cameras, but great photos are taken when two people connect.

What do you love best about portrait photography?

One of the reasons I chose to be a portrait photographer is because I like to understand who people are, and then bring out their unique qualities in to photos that they will love.

What is your top piece of dating advice?

Good chemistry is really important to me, so when I am arranging a date I like to meet someone for a quick coffee first. I think it’s more informal than going out for a drink in the evening. Plus, if things go really well, you can spend the rest of the afternoon together – or alternatively go home after one drink!


Here are some of our favourites shots taken by Rowan

dating profile photos

dating photos

London best dating photos

dating photos

dating photos


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