Hey, I'm Saskia

We prioritise giving our clients a great experience and making them feel relaxed, how do you do that?

I come to the shoot feeling relaxed and chew the fat with them as though we're old friends meeting up over a coffee. I look for a connection or get curious about something they're into and build on that.

What do you love about working for Hey Saturday?

I founded Hey Saturday back in 2013 and what motivated me then and still motivates me now is to help people find love online. It makes me very happy to hear back from clients who have found fun, love and/or a partner in crime.

Who would be your dream client and why?

I’m lucky in that I’ve already got to photograph the amazing photographer Martin Parr, which was pretty cool, although kind of scary lol. But next on my list would be Erykah Badu, I reckon, because she epitomises cool to me. The challenge of working with her would scare me right out my comfort zone but, if I managed to get some good shots of her, that would be an amazing career high.

What's your top dating tip?

My top dating tip is to be interested and interesting when you're out on dates. So be interested? Be curious, take the time to find out more about your dates by asking questions and listening. Be interesting? Ask yourself, 'would you date you?'. Are you sitting at home watching Netflix every night but expecting your date to be out there snowboarding, doing voluntary work and DJing in their spare time? Prioritise having a laugh and enjoying life over dating and you'll find yourself with the right mindset for some seriously good dating....

Currently obsessed with:

- NYC. It's my love of New York that motivated me to launch Hey Saturday over there
- Muay Thai boxing to keep me fit and on my A game
- Nylon mag for shoot inspiration
- Mama Shelter hotels for some travel time with my bf

Playing on repeat on my iPod:

I have deep house (like Kerri Chandler, Greco etc) playing 80% of the time on my iPod and I've tried for years to listen to other stuff but it just doesn't work apart from 10% of the time when I'm a complete podcast junkie listening to stuff like Nion Radio, Call Me Daddy (that was a joke, please!), My Father Wrote a Porno, Teep This, The James Altucher Show, School of Greatness, Therapy for Black Girls, Under the Skin, Crime Junkie or anything true crime related to be honest.. The final 10% is saved for Sunday mornings though when I like to mix it up with some jazz, usually Miles Davis. Thelonious Monk or Charlie Parker.

At my happiest when:

- I hear back from happy clients (one's just got engaged!)
- i have a camera (or food) in my hand
- I'm exploring new cities with my polaroid camera
- coming up with new ways to grow my business
- glued to my iPad working through all the blogs on Bloglovin'

Fave style icon:

I am not very stylish myself but I love how these cool women pull off a look - Julia Sarr-Jamois, Neneh Cherry & Ellen Von Unwerth.

Most into wearing:

Leather, denim & my camo Nike Air Max

Guilty pleasure(s):

Netflix binges & Shake Shack ice-creams

Saturday nights are for:

Dating, of course


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