Hey. We’re on a mission to put good times back into online dating.

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Los Angeles Dating Profile Photos

Hey Saturday is the home of dating photo shoots and dating photography.  We aim to capture and celebrate you, no matter who you are.

WE ARE:  the most talented, experienced and fun-loving dating photography agency on the planet.

YOU ARE:  rebels, lovers, bankers, teachers, dreamers, punk rock stars, parents, international DJs, silver surfers, trailblazers, data analysts, artists. But what do you all have in common? You’re single and seriously ready to enjoy online dating.

I kick-started this new genre of photography – dating photography – and have carefully selected all our amazingly talented photographers, who are all the kind of people you’d love to chew the fat with over a cuppa. Trust me, they know how to bring out the best in you on our shoots.

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To make life easy, you can book your dating photo shoot online at the click of a button. Just choose which of our three packages below, that you’d like and take it from there. You’re probably feeling out of your comfort zone right about now but, rest assured, we’re good at this. We’ve been doing it since 2013 – the first in the world – and are the dating photo maestros. You’re in great hands.

Before you book though, please take a few minutes to read through our Terms here and our FAQs here so that you understand how we work.  If you have any questions, do feel free to email me at [email protected]


Mini Adventure

A. Mini Adventure – £127

(Approx $159 if you're stateside)

They say size matters.... well not in our book. Our small but perfectly formed Mini Adventure will help you win over hearts and minds.

• up to 30 minutes shooting time
• one outfit change plus use of your accessories & props
• three of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files

Big Adventure

B. Big Adventure – £167

(Approx $209 if you're stateside)

This Big Adventure won’t turn you into a rock-god (unless you’re already one) but it will make darn sure that your ex wants you back.

• up to 60 minutes shooting time
• up to three outfit changes, accessories & props
• six of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files

Excellent Adventure

C. Excellent Adventure – £247

(Approx $310 if you're stateside)

Oh heck yes, all your exes are going to want you back after this Excellent Adventure. C’mon, stop reading and just book it already.

• up to 90 minutes shooting time
• five/six outfit changes, accessories & props
• ten of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files

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