25 reasons you need to hire a dating photographer right now

25 reasons you need to hire a dating photographer right now

25 reasons you need to hire a dating photographer right now



According to my good friend Will, font of all knowledge, 90% of people decide to date someone based on their dating photos alone, a stat which has recently been backed up by OKCupid’s own research. They concluded that the text is less than 10% of what people think of you. So, you know what? Armed with this knowledge, you can now up your game significantly in the dating arena.  It’s time to recognise that you really need your dating photos to work for you, not against you.


Why hire a pro?


  • professional photographers will make sure you avoid all the typical dating photo fails (yes, i’m talking about blur, bad lighting, zoomed out too far, zoomed in too close, having other people in the shot, having ex partners cut out of the shot, etc. etc.- if any of that sounds familiar to you – eeek)
  • they will advise you as to what clothes look good on camera
  • they will know which poses/positions are most flattering on camera & can guide you into them
  • you can be confident you will have good quality high resolution photos (poor quality images will reflect on you)
  • marketing anything these days requires good imagery – just look at any corporate website – & this extends to marketing yourself


Why a specialist dating photographer?


Why would you go to a generalist photographer who does weddings, events, corporate etc when you could go to someone who only does dating?


  • this is their bread & butter, this is what they do every day for  a living so they are going to have loads of experience in knowing what works for dating photos
  • they understand the dating journey you’re on (they’ve been on it too)
  • they are passionate about helping their single clients find love and will do what they can to make that happen
  • they will avoid naff studio shots
  • they will avoid shots that look too posed
  • they will aim to get shots of you looking natural, relaxed and happy
  • they will aim to capture you looking really attractive, whilst still looking like you
  • they will do light retouching but stay away from crazy photoshopping
  • their whole raison d’etre is to help you and all their other clients attract more dates with the right kind of people
  • they are embedded in the dating industry and can advise on dating websites, blogs, matchmakers etc
  • they can sometimes offer deals for signing up with new dating sites
  • some of them (yes, me!) will have won industry awards recognising their specialist talent in the industry
  • they are often dating experts and will be blogging their advice across lots of dating sites


Why treat yourself?

dating photos

One of the most important things in life for the majority of people is to find someone special to share their life with – investing in doing this properly can only be money well spent


  • you are investing in yourself in the best way, showing that you value yourself
  • it’s fun and different
  • it’ll help you stand out from the crowd on dating sites
  • it’ll give you additional confidence as you hit the world of dating (as my clients have fedback to me)
  • it pushes you out your comfort zone & good stuff happens outside your comfort zone
  • you know you’re doing everything you can to find love
  • you’ll end up with some cool photos of yourself (which no one ever has)


Want to book a dating photo shoot with a dating photographer?  Well Hey Saturday is the first and coolest dating photography business. All our photographers are trained to the highest standards in dating photography – a genre created by me. Head over here & drop us a line.

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