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introducing jonathan


if you fancy treating yourself to a shoot like Jonathan’s, then please get in touch. i’m very sociable and you can contact me here.”

i met Jonathan after he contacted me via twitter and invited me to take the photos for a dating event he’d organised. turned out he is a bigwig in the dating industry and he took me under his wing in the early days and gave me the inside track on the crazy world of online dating. he also helped me build this very website of which i’m crazy proud – so i owe him a BIG thank you! i’m very much looking forward to his wedding in may. wedding of the year!

age: 33
twitter handle:


current inspirations:

same as it has been all my life – captain jean luc pickard (editor’s note – no i have no idea either lol)

playing on repeat:

1000 ships by rachel platten

like wearing:

my north face stuff – all of it!

london’s best bits:

i’m a huge lover of the chimes in pimlico – best food in london for sure and it’s a real ale pub!

 Dating photography
dating photos in london
worst date:

i went on a date with a lovely lady in central London. i have a rule before a date – speak on the phone for a little. it helps to make sure you’ll be comfortable. no matter what I tried this girl wouldn’t get on the phone. so i went on the date and discovered she was deaf. i spent the evening shouting in a restaurant in London looking like a really mean guy. i wouldn’t have minded at all – just wanted to be told up front.

and the best one:

simple! for me it’s all about the midnight showing of star trek ‘into darkness’ – you’ve got to love a guy to get up at that time and go and watch star trek on release day!

saturday nights are for:

it’s all about the snuggling! get a good movie, bottle of wine and relax.

check out his sites here:  



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