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Our dating packages

best dating photos

A. the Nice & Simple – £127

  • up to 30 minutes shooting time
  • 1 outfit change plus any accessories & props
  • 3 of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files

dating pictures

B. the Revamp – £167

  • up to 60 minutes shooting time
  • up to 3 outfit changes, accessories & props
  • 6 of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files (allows you to mix & match profile photos)


C. the Whole Shebang – £247

  • up to 90 minutes shooting time
  • as many outfit changes, accessories & props as you want to squeeze in
  • 10 of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files (sorts out your profile once & for all)

Our next shoot dates & locations

Check out our up-&-coming dates & locations below. If you’re interested, let us know your preferred date, location & which dating package you’d prefer & we’ll aim to get you booked in at a time that works. Please be aware that dates can book up quickly but we’ll do our best to accommodate you. All our photographers have been carefully vetted and fully trained in the new genre of dating photography as created by Saskia Nelson.

Nicole shoots in London.

Polly shoots in London.

Louise shoots in London.

Kate shoots in London.

Jessica shoots in Brighton & Hove.

Lauren shoots in Brighton & Hove.

Rachel shoots in Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Audra shoots in New York City.

And Saskia shoots now and again but mainly keeps everything running like a smoothly oiled machine. If the locations below aren’t working for you, I’m sure we can find a time that does. Just drop us a line here.

All sessions are outdoors & are one-on-one with your photographer (& sometimes a photography assistant).

London & New York City

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June 2017

Thursday 1st | Covent Garden (fully booked)

Saturday 3rd | Shoreditch (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 4th | Primrose Hill  (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 5th | Southbank (fully booked)

Friday 9th | Shoreditch (fully booked)

Saturday 10th Primrose Hill (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 11th | Holland Park (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 12th | Covent Garden (fully booked)

Friday 16th | Southbank (fully booked)

Saturday 17th | Southbank (fully booked)

Sunday 18th | Shoreditch 

Monday 19th | Shoreditch (fully booked)

Thursday 22nd | Primrose Hill (fully booked)

Friday 23rd | Richmond (fully booked)

Saturday 24th | Shoreditch (fully booked)

Sunday 25th | Southbank (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 26th | Southbank

Thursday 29th | Portobello (fully booked)

Friday 30th | Shoreditch (fully booked)

best dating profile photos

July 2017

Saturday 1st | Shoreditch

Sunday 2nd | Holland Park

Tuesday 4th | Covent Garden (fully booked)

Thursday 6th | Portobello (fully booked)

Friday 7th | Richmond (fully booked)

Saturday 8th | Shoreditch // Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 9th | Regent’s Park (fully booked) // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 10th | Southbank

Thursday 13th | Covent Garden

Friday 14th | Portobello

Saturday 15th | Shoreditch // Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 16th | Primrose Hill // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 17th | Southbank

Thursday 20th | Portobello

Saturday 22nd | Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 23rd | Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 24th | Covent Garden

Thursday 27th | Primrose Hill

Saturday 29th | Shoreditch // Lower East Side, NYC

Sunday 30th | Holland Park // Lower East Side, NYC

Monday 31st | Portobello

Brighton & Edinburgh

best dating profile photos

Brighton, Edinburgh & Glasgow

We also have Hey Saturday trained dating photographers working in Brighton, Edinburgh & Glasgow so please drop us a line with your preferred place, dates & times and we’ll aim to get you booked in as quickly as possible with one of our fab photographers.

dating profile photos

Recruiting new talent

We always have our eye out for more talented, fun, up-&-coming and reliable freelance portrait photographers. At the moment we are looking for photographers in Birmingham and Manchester.

If you’re an awesome portrait photographer who really just wants to focus on what you love doing  (shooting & editing) & leave all the business side of things to someone else to take care of, you are in the right place.

Drop Saskia a line at to find out more.

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Our mission

We’re on a mission to put the fun back into online dating.             

 Our ethos

We want your photos to look like one of your friends (who just happens to be a fab photographer) took them – so showing you looking relaxed, natural & happy – rather than a regular pro photographer (no naff, formal, posed studio shots here). Having dated online extensively, we know exactly what kind of photos work for online dating.


More than 90% of what people think about when deciding whether to date someone, is focused on their profile photos alone. Eeek! We specialise in creating a stunning set of good quality dating photos, that make best use of colour, composition and most importantly you, to ensure your photos jump off the page, attracting people to your profile & helping you find love in a crowded, digital world.

Kick your written profile into shape with Rebecca

dating profile help


Working with Rebecca one-to-one is an incredible experience. She’s an experienced coach and expert in online dating. Having created her very own Irresistible Dating Profile and met her partner online, she can vouch for the fact that this works!

She will show you how to intrigue and delight people with your profile rather than put them off with a ‘cut & paste’ one that you’ve been using since 2004. Her magic formula will be to help you identify and draw out the important things like your values and key characteristics and then help you to use your profile to ‘show, not tell’ people your story.

Want to know more? Head here or email Rebecca on

Together we are on a mission to change the face of online dating profiles